Tiger Jaw (T3) Telescopic One Touch Handle Geared Ratchet Lopper

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T3 TELESCOPIC ONE TOUCH HANDLE GEARED RATCHET LOPPER 2” / 50mm Cutting Capacity Our T3 Telescopic One Touch Handle Geared Ratchet Loppers are quite simply the perfect cutting machine. Made to save your arms if you are cutting a large amount of large limbs. They work like a farmer's bumper jack to power through the tough jobs. You only operate 4 as we say clicks or pumps of the handle to cut totally through and when cutting large quantities of large branches it will really save your arms and body. T3 Ratchet Loppers are can cut a full 2 inches of the hardest wood around. Creative ranchers are using this very unit to dehorn livestock. They include 41.5 telescopic push button handles for extended reach. THE T3 LOPPERS ARE ENGINEERED WITH QUALITY MATERIALS INCLUDING: High carbon heat-treated steel blade The extendable handle is 41.5 inches long Light nylon and fiberglass handle Ratchet design: 4 short pumps for easy pruning Replaceable blade Like all Tiger Jaw Tools, our T3 is guaranteed to be free of any quality-related defects. SPECIFICATIONS Size: 28.5 Weight: 4 lb Tree loppers are a lot faster that having to get out a chainsaw. Extendable Tree loppers are safer also.