Tiger Jaw Contractors (4-Pc) Bundle

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: CONTRACTORS GARDEN TOOL SETS BUNDLE A savings of $119.85 dollars. Now that's INCREDIBLE! The contractors bundle leaves the realm of gardening implements and transforms into a premium set of tools to tackle a much wider range of projects. Because you are concerned with performance and production, only you can understand why we grouped these items just for you. All Tiger Jaw blades in this assortment can be quickly removed for sharpening or replacement whenever the need arises or just when the mood strikes you. This selection represents the absolute pinnacle in quality and service. First for you is the T3, a Tiger Jaw for those tough jobs that go on all day long, all week long, and rumor has it is even tough enough to take the horns off a bull. Next the Tiger Jaw PP, an 8 foot telescopic ratcheting pruner reaching for those limbs that can't be had any other way, featuring a fierce Tiger Jaw blade that can easily take down up to 6" of offending branch. And we're not finished yet, you also get the light as a Tiger's ear MM Mini Max Ratcheting Lopper. Included for its ease of use and ability to fit in ultra tight places to get your jobs done right. Rounding out your selection, we have included the P4 Hand Pruner. This Tiger Jaw has a 1" cutting capacity that fits in the palm of your hand. We know every move you make is deliberate and this tool takes saving your valuable time and effort to the extreme with the patented rotating handle. This light weight tool can be depended on when the job must get done. We are going to give you the value of the century: $129.95 T3 Ratcheting Lopper $129.95 PP08 8' Pole Pruner $49.95 MM Mini Max Ratchet Lopper $39.95 P4 Rotator Hand Pruner $70 on shipping if sold separately Wow normally $419.80 Today we are lopping off high prices. The We LOVE Our Customer Price is: $299.95 Thats a savings of $119.85 INCREDIBLE!